A Guide on the Average Home Security System Cost

Posted Jul 31st, 2019

A Guide on the Average Home Security System Cost

Imagine this: you come home from work and find your door is broken and your valuables are gone. Do you feel safe sleeping there tonight?

Probably not. The intruder now knows what your home is like and that you don't have a security system.

In fact, a little less than 17% of homeowners have any kind of home protection in place. Without it, your chances of coming home to that scary scenario are three times likelier to happen.

You know the benefits of having protection, but you're worried it's expensive. Our guide on the average home security system cost will explain the best and most affordable way to be safe.

Up Front Costs

The average cost of a security system can vary between $250 to over $1,500. Why the big range?

There are upfront costs and continuous costs. Expect to pay a one-time fee for things like installation, equipment, and activation.

Expect the Unexpected

You feel you've read the fine print forward and backward. You still might find an unexpected charge in your bill.

For example, there might be a special on equipment for first-time customers. You might need to meet other criteria to qualify for the discount or you have to sign up for a more expensive security package.

You might not even hear about activation fees while you're signing paperwork. You'll definitely notice it on your bill so make sure you talk to your home security company about what to expect.

Ways to Save

There are a few tips and tricks to lowering the cost of a home security system.

Home security systems can be hard to set up on your own. There are some systems that are easy enough to DIY, saving you a few dollars in installation fees.

If you go with a monthly monitoring contract, you might be able to reduce upfront costs. Ask about spreading out equipment costs or activation fees over the length of your contract.

You Get What You Pay For

There are times to pinch pennies and then there are times you get what you pay for. You need to decide what your home security is really worth.

Let's say you get a cheap monthly package. That package might only apply to a landline-based service which can be easily compromised.

A lower price can sometimes mean less equipment for your property. And the equipment you receive can be less effective.

Customer service is very important, especially in an emergency. In that case, you'll be grateful you paid a little extra to get the best monitoring and customer care.

Making the Average Home Security System Cost Affordable

At the end of the day, your needs and your budget are going to determine what you can afford.

Our guide can help you know what to look for to get the biggest bang for your buck. Plus, our tips and tricks will help keep your home security system cost low.

We want you to save money and stay safe. If you're interested, contact us today and get your free quote on the perfect home security system for you and your family!

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