Here Is Why Your Home Needs 24/7 Security Monitoring

Posted Sep 3rd, 2019

Here Is Why Your Home Needs 24/7 Security Monitoring

More and more people across the United States are turning to home security to protect their families.

In fact, experts predict the home security industry to grow over 10 percent by 2023, making the industry worth over $74 billion.

Have you considered getting 24/7 security monitoring for your home? Keep reading to learn the reasons why you need it.

Protect Your Family

Almost 20 percent of all robberies, burglaries, and thefts occurred at residences in 2018. This means that thieves are targeting your home — where your family lives. And what's worse than that, these crimes account for billions of dollars in property loss annually.

A home security alarm protects your family and your cherished belongings. When you get a system, you'll receive window stickers or yard signs that show your home is protected and monitored. Just the presence of these may convince a thief to choose a different target.

But if they do choose your home, your system notifies the police to protect your family. It also captures enough evidence to pursue charges against the criminal.

Wondering how does home monitoring work? Using advanced technology, once the alarm is sounded, an alert goes to your monitoring service.

Your monitoring service will attempt to contact you. If they discover a true emergency or are unable to reach you, they notify your local emergency services. So even if it is a false alarm, emergency responders come to your house to secure the scene.

Protect Your Home

Professional security protects your home in a variety of ways.

Battery-powered smoke detectors work great if you're home, but what if you're not home to hear them go off? With home security, if your home's fire or carbon monoxide alarms go off, the system connects to your monitoring service. Emergency personnel then respond to your home to investigate the alarms.

Even if your not present, you can protect your home from emergencies beyond your control.

Some systems can even detect flooding or drastic changes in temperature. With the advanced technology available today, you'll always know the condition of your home.

Keep an Eye on Things While Away

Many security options allow you to access your home's video surveillance feeds from your smartphone or computer.

This feature allows you to check-in on your children if they're home alone or your pet throughout the day. If you're away for a vacation, a simple glance at the video can assure you everything is secure at home.

If you're asking yourself, "are home security systems worth it?" The peace of mind these systems provide make them well worth the investment.

Get 24/7 Security Today

With these reasons, it's easy to see why 24/7 security monitoring is so important. Now you just need to find the right company to install your security system.

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